Lycoris Recoil #02 — Violence Against Chipmunks

July 9th, 2022


Disgusting rodents.


This show would work a lot better if it was more structured like MacGuyver or Leverage where there was some Trouble of the Week or even two weeks that they met, got involved with, solved through eventual gunfighting. This episode is thankfully still focusing on the special ops child assassin side rather than happy go lucky cafe nonsense, but it was also basically "Go here and fight some dudes." It would also work a lot better if they weren't constantly up against Imperial Stormtroopers who can't hit the broadside of a barn from 10 feet away with automatic weapons. Until, of course, it's time to pretend to be dramatic and fake a death, at which point they become expert marksmen and we can't spray enough blood around the place.

Aside from the very corny "stand in front of a machine gun and dodge everything by swaying slightly" bit, the rest of the gunfight was again quite solid, especially the hacky sack with a grenade sequence. It's still good on the action side. Heck, even the characters are coming together a little more, though mostly at the end where Takina tries to rubber band Chisato. It's a good way to show she's rubbing off already. The supercar fandom was another decent character bit too that was largely organic and would have been in place anywhere from MIB to Bond. I just want a bit more substance on the narrative side, and that doesn't mean a sprawling incomprehensible conspiracy to slow burn over the next ten episodes either. 

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