Lycoris Recoil #01 — Shoot First, Ask Questions Never

July 2nd, 2022


This show is decidedly pro Second Amendment.


Let's start with the bad. The setting and story is kind of a huge mess. A city literally swarming with terrorists, and the happy go lucky secret police made up largely of child assassins who fight them. Sometimes with LMGs that murder entire buildings, sometimes with goofy made-for-Saturday-morning Darkwing Duck not-guns and tie-'em-up lasso pistols. There are some tonal issues, to put it mildly, even without getting deep into secret police disappearing citizens who threaten the peace and are just so very chipper and gleeful to do so! Actually, the manic energy there is less of an issue than the black-haired one's no-nonsense eliminate-all-the-dissidents attitude. Also, if you've watched the promos, you've seen about 90% of the first half of the episode, which made it kind of a drag for me.

The rest though, not so bad. It's doing a kind of buddy cop thing where one is the reckless by-the-books character who gets-things-done, while the other is the man on the street who doesn't play by the rules, but also gets-things-done, but better because she doesn't kill, and will no doubt teach the other how to be a thoroughly corrupt police officer friends with everybody. Ironically, despite all the focus at the start being on the former, she comes off as far less competent and more just lucky that she somehow hasn't gotten herself or anybody else killed with immediately trying to open fire on anything and everything, while the other, despite the dumb gadgets, is dodging bullets, pistol whipping people in the face, and neutralizing her partner from being an idiot. The gun fight at the end was a hell of a lot better than the one at the start. 


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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    My favorite part was when dark haired girl ACTIVELY let the person she was escorting get captured, and then fired wildly into the vehicle she was hidden away in.

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