Engage Kiss #02 — Amazon vs The Lizard

July 9th, 2022


Boy, that opening and ending are obnoxious.

Extreme Hearts is still to come a little later today (one of those super late airing things), but I need to get the dogs out for a walk, so it'll likely be a little delayed. It's a sports/idol thing anyway, so unless it's really off the wall, which I highly doubt, I expect little.


I feel largely the same way about this episode as I do about Lycoris Recoil's, that things would work a lot better if it was more A*Team and less the missions coming from some arbitrary place offscreen where the characters have no more involvement or agency than Go To Place and Fight Some Thing™. This also continues to spend way the hell too long on the debriefings and discussions prior to anything going on. The missions and the fighting are the fun part. Why are we not focusing on that instead? Oh, possibly because the action animation cratered. Yeah, that'll do it.

This was definitely the worse of the two for that, and because the catfighting and trashperson protagonist haven't gotten any better, and there was certainly a lot less action than last week, along with continued trashy ogling of the fanservice girls. It also didn't help that the one new character it introduced was a yelling sparkling bishie who existed for all of about 45 seconds solely to yell and sparkle. You'd expect that he'd be the monster, or at least be another secret agent or something given his prominence in the episode, but nope. He's just… there, being noisy and sparkling while we talk about clean energy initiatives and the exploitation inherent in the system. Heck, the lizard kid only even threw I think one punch and otherwise spent the whole thing being shot up and chased around until he was run over by Amazon. Not exactly a big bad here.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anime Lover says:

    Is it available with English subtitles?

  • The Phantom says:

    This show is absolutely godawful and is likely the second best show after Ojisan Isekai? Anime not worth spending time on lately, I rather go play video games.

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