Call of the Night #01 — Moon Phase

July 7th, 2022


Neko mimi mode was a mood.


I can't help but think of Moon Phase here, and there genuinely are a lot of parallels. Dude with the personality of a brick meets quirky magical vampire fanservice girlfriend with a particularly stylish over the top yet also inscrutable opening sequence, and twenty episodes later, somehow becomes vampire Dragonball harem. But we can leave aside that last part for now, maybe even forever depending on what this chooses to adapt. Maybe this is just what Moon Phase would be if it was made today. The gothloli style is out of fashion, and now it's… trenchcoats and sports bras? I think the comparison may have broken down.

Also like Moon Phase though, it's not the most engaging first episode. There are a number of directing gimmicks that it uses to keep things a little spicy, and it's well enough animated, but it's putting a lot of eggs into the characters and dialogue when neither are all that strong. She's a magical girlfriend dropped into his lap. He's a wooden post that can barely entertain a single thought at a time. They talk for twenty minutes, one or both occasionally morphing into either a blob face or hyper sexualized depending on whether the scene is supposed to be a joke or give you a boner. 

It's certainly not the worst, and there's enough interesting in the presentation to give it a second look. Plus, I'd sooner watch a hundred episodes of this than another reincarnation cheat power show. It badly needs either a story or better (well, any) chemistry with the characters though. Maybe with the introductions and explanations of this specific flavor of vampire out of the way, things will pick up a bit, but I'm not holding my breath.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Joshua says:

    Considering this is Liden Films we’re talking about, I’m gonna guess that this production is gonna fall apart as soon as the next episode.

  • Kitsu says:

    God fucking why is it about some dude.

  • The Phantom says:

    I watched this and still do not recall what this was about. Was boring? Vampires? Maybe there is room for improvement? I will retake this later I guess.

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