Bird Wing #13 — Oops, No Script

June 28th, 2022


This is why we don't watch sports shows.


Yeah, this is pretty much how I expected it to end, by not ending in any way whatsoever, but with an announcement that if you really want to see the ending, come back in six months. Hell, they barely even golf, even in montage form. Plenty of time for the peanut gallery to comment on how they had golfed, not so much time to actually do it. But they made sure to slap a random kiss in out of nowhere to keep a certain vein of fans happy, complete with the peanut gallery screaming "Z O M G! THAT WAS SO YURI!" Subtlety, they name is not the Japanese anime industry. 

And so we (don't really) complete our story, beginning with hustling professional golfers, then going to cyber fighting golf fights with the yakuza, then we learn the basics of golf, before almost starting a tournament. You guys sure you didn't get the storyboards mixed up and then maybe lose half of them? Anything interesting about the first few episodes had been completely jettisoned by the end, and I have no idea why the Japanese girl even existed at all. Even the Goth girl had more of an arc and purpose than she did. You could've replaced this main character with a treasured club from your abusive adoptive father and barely affected any episodes.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Joshua says:

    Yeah, fuck all of this. Once they moved away from mafia antics was the point where I stopped giving a shit about this waste of potential. Even for all its faults, SK8 was like significantly more engaging and entertaining throughout just 12 episodes than a vast majority of this wasteland of “content” encompassing 24 episodes.

  • Joshua says:

    Would rather be caught dead watching shitty golf comedies like Caddyshack 2, Happy Gilmore and Who’s Your Caddy on repeat than watching both cours of this refuse.

  • Fede says:

    You say but still bothered to watch the series to the end. I’m annoyed by people like you who keep watching a show just to hate on it and talk about how it is being done to “please a certain audience.”

  • Joshua says:

    The issue though was that it went down a direction that went against the direction that it should’ve gone in its first 8 episodes. There’s an actually endearing hook to the premise of an orphan girl who plays golf and must climb the underground tournament ladder to beat the mafia in order to save the orphanage. It’s right there. I was even engaged by the sheer over-the-top insanity of beating the mafia and exposing government corruption through the power of golf.

    The problem though is that they chose to resolve all of this within 8 episodes because “UwU we need to make it about yuribait golf instead”, brushing aside the whole mafia plot and resetting her entire character arc and the entire series to be more of a bland CGDCT sports show ala UmaMusu, which in turn is going to be s2 in a nutshell. Now it’s a dull, boring, potentially melodramatic for no reason, kind of series instead that refuses to commit to over-the-top antics. Talk about wasted potential.

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