Fantasia Sango #01 — Mouryou Mouryou Mouryou Mouryou

January 10th, 2022


I don't like this drinking game.


Do they get paid every time they say mouryou? My god. It was like they realized that the setting was Chinese, so probably shouldn't use youkai, and then overcompensated massively to make absolutely sure everybody knew they were specifically not saying youkai. The script in general is more than a little insane. A hulking ogre, eight feet tall, with blood red eyes, screaming in a synthesizer voice is attacking and people are going "What is this creature, some kind of monster?" Then the party shows up and repeatedly declares their surprise that the monster has increased strength and speed. 

Kind of baffling too because most of the party they didn't really care to explain their specific super powers. One dude has magical writing. The bard does… uh… bard things. The weakling dude fires ribbons, I guess. But then there's the token little girl monster who had probably four goddamned minutes in total dedicated solely to A.) She eats evil, B.) Transforms into a demon, and C.) There is no C, there is only A and B, why the hell did that require almost a quarter of the episode to explain and reiterate, and why is this party of supposedly experienced demon hunters and one shrieking bucket so shocked by all of this?

I can enjoy lower budget fantasy adventure schlock even if it doesn't aspire to the heights of things like (the better seasons of) Garou or even Rage of Bahamut('s initial first episodes). I still think fondly of Night Wizard for reasons I myself can't begin to fathom. It is better animated than stuff like Peach Boy Riverside, but not by much. There was no narrative, let alone story, here at all though and the characters were obnoxious loud cliches at best. It was plainly nothing more than a montage of generic introductions to generic shouty archetypes and then they fought a quite literally random monster that spawned out of nowhere simply to have a random monster so each party member could do their one thing before calling it a day.


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  • The Phantom says:

    Claymore did this but better, I keep wondering if this was a card mobile gacha game they were trying to promote, it seems it was a series of games that they are trying to promote instead, and that the purpose of this, they are not making a a great anime is just pr for their games.

    • Aroduc says:

      The games are basically Chinese (well, more Chinese) Suikoden, right down to being a full generation or more behind in graphics. They are not impressive in the slightest, though they keep making them for some reason.

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