takt op.Destiny #01 — I’m Stealing Your Piano

October 5th, 2021


Why was there an abandoned piano in a parking lot to begin with?


You know, I would think rural America would be a lot more up in arms about foreigners rolling into town to kill the homegrown monsters. Then again, I'm not actually sure that the monsters are actually doing anything. We only actually see two. One of them gets kicked into the town, and the other is living in an abandoned refinery. They also hate music apparently, so the 'good' guys steal an abandoned piano to harass the monsters. I'm just saying here, the real monsters are classical pianists. Also, it's worth noting that the musical themes are kind of all over the place. Classical piano doesn't mix all that well with American bluegrass, and it bounces between one to the other constantly.

Don't let the sarcasm mislead you. This was a very fun and action packed episode. Quite well animated, introduces the characters and their quirks without too much exposition once the initial setting bit is over, has that understated humor I was talking about yesterday in their interactions and chemistry, all the stuff I look for in a good light hearted action show. I have no idea why using her power eats his arm or 'consumes life energy' and I don't really care. File it under the rule of cool for the moment. We can fill in the details later. It is quite… uh… anime. In that it's pretty silly and two of the three thrupple are fairly corny cliches obsessed with music/monster killing while the third has the very obvious straight man role to yell about how ridiculous they're being, but they're a clearly supportive team for one another who work together well even while riffing on each other constantly.


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  • The Phantom says:

    Visually impressive, meh everywhere else, it looks too similar to fate too similar actually.

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