Pride of Orange #01 — 5-Hole

October 6th, 2021


It's nice that somebody remembered that there should be some hockey in the episode.


This was pretty hilarious. Not intentionally. God no. They put all the animation budget into the opening minute for the only real hockey of the episode which ended with them all shouting "WE BELIEVE IN THE HEARTS OF OUR FRIENDSHIP AND THE PUCK!" Which they do by 5-holing their opponent. Right between the legs. And then it immediately hard cut into the opening sequence of them all dressed up like idols dancing on ice. Dancing. On ice. We're two minutes into the episode and you're already giving away the entire game, guys.

But wait, it not only can get worse, it does! We then go to them hanging out at… knitting club, before they all go and take a bath. After a bath, they all have a snack and gossip about strawberries. So now we're finally in the second half of the episode and at the rink because one of them thought hockey might be neat. So it's time for hockey, right? First, we need to do some schtick, and then calisthetics. Whew, finally on the rink… for thirty seconds of skating in a circle and then fifteen seconds of holding a stick. Whew. That's more than enough hockey for the day. After all, we still need to work in a couple minutes of walking into the sunset while discussing how much friendship we had! God, just so damn much friendship! Giggle giggle. Laugh laugh. We are such friends and so much youth was had. Let's dance on ice again.


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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    She wants to combine sports and entertainment like some sort of… sports entertainment.

    Don’t forget the wall of collectible hockey waifus at the end, who I’m sure will all get meaningful development.

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