My Coworker is Annoying #01 — Elevator Music

October 9th, 2021


And here is how you don't use montages.


There are cutesy shows that I have enjoyed on occasion, such as Place to Place or even the first season of Working before it got sucked up its own ass in stupid drama, but this didn't grip me. Part of it was definitely the godawful elevator music, particularly the bits leaning overly hard on bassoons and montages that were plainly there because they got tired of writing dialogue. Dialogue that wasn't even funny at that. But a lot was also that it leaned excessively on "girl blushes with tear in the corner of her eye." That was its answer to everything while not having even the slightest overall story to drive the episode. They… go out to eat. They have a meeting. They go through each coworker to make one and exactly one joke before moving on. Yes, that's how the source manga was, being 3-4 page tiny vignettes, but we're supposed to be adapting this to a new medium and style of presentation, which makes cutting from one to the next disjointed and meandering.

It's harmless enough, I suppose, but it definitely lacks the finesse with the music of Komi for example, and absolutely is missing its raw production talent and effort. The gags are on the weaker side too, running to wells like "She looks childish but wants to be treated like an adult… but also desperately wants a kid's meal toy." Even the quiet girl who pulls out a bottle of vodka and chugs it has the gag ruined by it being just water. Wouldn't it be far more funny if she was shotgunning vodka at 9am in the office? Or if you left it an open question as to whether or not it really was alcohol? 


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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Seems like the title should be reversed, since she seems more annoying than dude. Also, I can practically already hear Monica Rial’s voice coming out of her.

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