Back Arrow #14 — Giant Non-Lethal Apocalypse Cannon

April 9th, 2021


That's a very convenient giant cannon.


Of all the ways I thought this obnoxiously-extended arc would end, I'm not sure I would have called "Princess heals the entire battlefield, they shake hands, and everybody goes home, no harm, no foul." Honestly, just the acknowledgement that the Ro3K people are some weird-ass suicidal war cult is kind of a surprising amount of introspection for the show, although it's not like they stopped being one either. I was more expecting the princess to learn a valuable lesson about accepting her murder-half and that there's a place for violence when faced with, uh, a suicidal war cult.

Okay, so they did also deploy an apocalypse cannon that specifically destroys mecha bracelets, totally disarming the enemy and turning it into a massacre, so it's not like they weren't exactly negotiating from a position of weakness here. Love Kingdom doesn't exactly have clean hands either, lest we forget their camps of enslaved terminally ill children they experimented on. I would be happy if we just moved on and went back to wandering the lands, occasionally fighting walls, but unfortunately, it seems like we're still stuck here with the citizens rebelling because their idol isn't perfect. In a better show, I would assume that's some kind of social commentary. Who knows though. Maybe this is the turning point where the writing has become slightly self-aware.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Ark noir says:

    First part was well entertaining. The only two characters that had an interesting outlook in this battle had some cheeky titulation and a healthy slice of psychosexual word play to get off on plus they slapped arrow about which is a bonus.

    Don’t see the problem with war ending. Murder-hime won, palpatine lost his rings. Promised to not war again which he laughed about later and is going to. Murder-fine got a housebrick to the head which she deserved from her people cos she killed her own plus holding her tits too much in murder mode. The problem is we have an MC with no conviction piloting a robot pulling new move after new move out and not offing people because superboy has no conviction when everyone else needs a conviction to do something. Dunno what you call a one track mind/ambition to surpass the wall. Sounds like a c********n.

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