A Romantic Comedy Etc #01 — An Ode to Being a Creep

April 14th, 2021




It's never a good thing when the supposed butt of all the jokes is the only even slightly likeable character in the show. He seems to have a pretty upbeat attitude and healthy view of relationships, which is in stark contrast to virtually everything else in the show. The protagonist is a sad sack imbecile over-idolizing the literal world-famous idol girl classmate because he talked to her a few times. He screams in anguish about the other class idol who throws herself at him openly and constantly to the jealousy of all. Said superstar seizes every opportunity to talk down to people she sees as less than her. The titular childhood friend is basically thirst incarnate and if she said "You should just do me raw right here on her desk, that'd really make her mad," that wouldn't have been out of character in the slightest.

And it's all just so poorly written and directed too. Everybody tells stupid, obviously transparent lies like "Oh, I just said I liked you for funsies," or idol girl 'ruins' her own homework by tear it out of a notebook so other people can't copy it, which then brings her to tears over the added work she needs to do to make up for… having loose pages instead of bound ones? I have on rare occasion been able to get on board with romantic dramas, and make no mistake, the up-its-own-ass drama far outweighs any overtures of comedy here, but those were always on the strength of the characters, especially on their willingness and attempts to grow. These characters are all terrible, fetishized to hell, and are frankly stupid in ways that would make even Milky Holmes seem insightful. Except for, again, bizarrely, the designated 'loser' side dude. That's the part I really don't get.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I was kind of hoping the “revenge,” was going to be a twist, and she meant actual murder, but nope.

  • Kilocron says:

    If she really did ask him to do her raw on the other girls desk… I might have enjoyed this one way more.

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