SK∞ #02 — Training Not-Montage

January 16th, 2021


Aren't we already past the bit where he can't skate?

I see Funimation quite randomly put up Cells at Work Black's third and fourth episode today and then I guess no new episodes for three weeks? Or maybe they'll just keep randomly putting up episodes with no sane schedule? I guess that's as good a sign as any to cut and run. But if you're curious, episode 3 was sex, done as the usual disaster but at least no old men were killed during it. Episode 4 was gonorrhea as tentacle monsters that molested the white blood cells. And then it killed an old woman. Via tentacle monsters ripping their clothes off and molesting them to death. So… I think I'm good on just passing on any edutainment this season.


I thought I'd prefer this to Horimiya, but after this episode, I'm leaning pretty hard the other way. Just ignoring Saturdays is also a tempting option though. The (admittedly petty) thing that I couldn't shake from this episode was that Canada Man spends the entire thing fumbling about and hurting himself, all while he and everybody else goes on and on about how he's the serious dude who takes snowboarding and whatnot seriously. So… put on some damn protective equipment. Have you not seen Tony Hawk? A helmet and kneepads are the minimum. Gloves and elbow pads are a good idea too.

But mainly, it's the lack of any real story, character, or anything to drive it. He struggles the whole episode, gets a new board, explains and does one trick. There's some pratfalling the tries to serve as the comedy, but it's not enough to carry the lack of anything else. It doesn't even have the fanservice of something like HaruKana Receive, let alone its character focus or exuberance for… uh… I would say beach volleyball, but let's not kid ourselves here, girls in bikinis. The whole secret skateboard society bit wasn't even part of this episode except as a very brief unrelated cutaway, and that was the only interesting part of the first episode.

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