SK∞ #01 — Skateboard Fight Club

January 9th, 2021


I like how the episode preview is just listing off corny Canadian stereotypes.


The weirdest thing about this show is not that there's a secret society of underground illegal skateboarders, complete with referees, formal invitations, and a massive regular gathering at a specific place plainly visible from miles around. Nor is it that it's doing "skateboarding, but professional wrestling, but also you're allowed to bring IEDs." Nor is it that the rules of Skateboard Fightclub are that anybody who touches a skateboard has to compete. It's that the central gimmick of one of the two main characters is that he's a snowboarder, not a skateboarder, and that's just super duper criz-azy! So much so that we're playing Mozart's Fifth and conducting naked as we watch on our hidden cameras at this spectacle. Who ever heard of snowboarding!? Why would a snowboarder have any of the mechanical skills of a skateboarder!? That's ridiculous!

Well, it's certainly nice for something to be pretty well animated at any rate, but this is all so very silly, and mostly in the bad sports cliche ways. As in it shouts exposition over and over that makes no sense. "He's going too fast to make that turn!" "He made that turn anyway!" Yeah, that was definitely necessary and not dumb at all. I feel like they should have just run with the goofy setup rather than focused on the spectacle of how there's a crowd, invitations, refs, stadium so on and so forth. I feel like what it needs to be more driven by something, although I'm not sure I can put my finger on whether it should be the story or the characters because both are fully summed up by "I wanna skate" and "I wanna snowboard and earn money so I can snowboard." 

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