Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina #01 — Abusing Your Apprentice

October 2nd, 2020


At least no pies were involved.


Well, on on hand, it wasn't a bad little magical fight, but on the other, I have a very hard time expecting that will be the focus of anything moving forward, or perhaps even ever come up again. I'm not actually sure what the focus is supposed to be though, which is not a great place for a show to be after an episode. You'd think there'd be more wandering and less staying in place, doing chore montages for a childish jerk. I feel they missed the mark with said jerk too, because it really came off that she was just a flighty twit, not trying to teach Elaina any kind of lesson despite one half-assed claim to the contrary.

It really strikes me as the kind of origin story that things usually toss in halfway through as a filler episode because they're low impact, contribute little, and give the illusion of development without any. She wanted to be a witch. She glommed onto an eccentric one. Montage. She became the title of the show. That's probably the point. I don't get the feeling there's much ambition here, but if the goal was amusing stories of the week, this wasn't that either. The weirdest part was probably her mother, who had some oddly specific decrees to lay down at the end of the episode despite the other witch being the mother figure for the episode. Kind of feels like those were meant to be her credo going forward, yet were tossed in out of nowhere at literally the last second.

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  • The Phantom says:

    So her mother is the witch from the book she is trying to imitate, and she will go back eventually and realize this. I dont know what is the focus here but if they are throwing battles like that then count me in for more-

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