Wandering Witch #02 — Bedroom Lessons

October 9th, 2020


Just have sex already.


Consider this a post encompassing both this show and 100 Lives, since I'm extremely doubtful I'm continuing with either. The high point of this episode was definitely when the one crawled into bed in her underwear and begged the main character to teach her all kinds of things. That was about as subtle as a brick to the face. And yet, ten times more exciting than the rest of the episode. "I wanted a friend." "You don't need a friend. You can be happy on your own." "You're right. WAAAAAHHHHH." The end. Spewed out of nowhere, resolved on nothing. An episodic tale for the ages.

Meanwhile, 100 Lives continued to just be bad all around, but in all the same ways as last week, without the weird broadcast in a different animation style. It feigned seriousness while doing goofy screams and overreactions, pulled up status screens, was barely animated, and its big triumphant moment was him class changing to a chef, which 'revealed' to him that the stomach of the humanoid monster was in the same place where the stomach is on all humanoids. I'm not kidding. He suddenly gains x-ray vision and goes "Aha! Now I know where the stomach is!" Which frees the eaten girls, I guess? It just sort of ends after that and they all go home so he can whimper over interacting with a girl.


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  • Anonymous says:

    having to be on guard for lonely lesbian swindlers trying to make you their “friend”, only in anime.

  • Anonymous says:

    the anti nakama speech was mildly fresh. Elaina’s world view does seem mildly twisted in general

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