The Man Blessed by the Gods #01 — Not Blessed By Animators

October 3rd, 2020


All the budget went to the girls in an episode without any.

Not actually sure where this came from. Its scheduled premiere is tomorrow, the 4th. Well, whatever. Still looking for Climbing Girls, which is a very late airing, but is still MIA.


I love the progression of this episode. It spends the first half being as boring and dull as watching paint dry, then it switches gears for the second half and instead barrages you with every godawful cliche of these kinds of things imaginable. Middle aged dude, dies, meeting with gods, granted super powers and reincarnated as a child, status screens displaying his powers, he even verbatim says "Wow, this is just like an MMO!" And then it ends with the harem finally appearing. Not just the one girl, but an entire goddamned zoo of animal girls sings the ED. Now, I actually kind of like the ED. It's the one part of the episode that was animated. Song was nice too though.

In any case, it was boring as all hell. It compares unfavorably to the other zillion things of its ilk, whether you're coming at it from the more non-drama dramatic angle of things like Ascendence of a Bookworm, or the fantasy infodump power fantasy angle of things like Reincarnated as a Slime. Essentially, it takes the worst parts of both, and only teases a tiny bit of fanservice after the actual episode is over. Is anybody really here for a middle aged man cosplaying as a kindergardener, explaining different breeds of slime as men fawn over him for having pet slimes? Is that a thing people actually want? I'm scared that the answer is yes.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    The only thing missing here is a smartphone, the rest is copy/paste of every other recent isekai. Just because is stealing ideas from so many shows at the same times does not mean is not plagiarism.

    • Anonymous says:

      nah smartphone was bottom of the barrel. most of the isekai seem to follow the same formula, with only the hook being different (2 people instead of one, have already been there before, isekaied mid vr game so still has vr skills, isekaied into the world of a book their read/game they played, etc. I think have only seen 3 distinct patters of isekai

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