The Day I Became a God #01 — Screaming Toddler God

October 10th, 2020


So basically like Zeus.

Inuyasha 2.0's second episode was marginally better than the first, but was still lame as hell since the animation and direction is low end at best, and apparently they're just switching up what kind of jewels they're gathering. Yes, they're collecting all the Dragon Balls Shikon Jewels Rainbow Pearls. Sigrdrifa's second episode was just predictably bad all around, same as the first.


At first, it seemed like they were going all in on "girl makes smug faces," but that facade fell away pretty fast under a nonstop torrent of her screaming incessantly and throwing a constant tantrum, which in turn gave way to the dude also screaming his goddamned head off. I'm not sure there were sixty uninterrupted seconds at any point in the entire episode that didn't involve someone throwing a screaming fit. It's not like the dude had a personality either. He was Generic Key Protagonist, a total doormat who drops everything to indulge in his tantruming manic pixie girlfriend's every whim while making snarky remarks to the camera and/or screaming overreactions. Oh, but she speaks in a haughty, olden tongue. Well, then. That's totally different. Only 40% of magical girlfriend shows can make that claim.

And make no mistake, it's a shlocky magical girlfriend thing where they're trying to put all their eggs in the "how cute is this shrieking brat" basket. Yeah, she declares that the world will end, but if you removed ten seconds from the episode, there wouldn't be any kind of overarching plot. This isn't Shana or FLCL where there's some kind of reason or impetus for them to be together and achieve some kind of purposes. Hell, it doesn't even have the fast pace of something like Ah! My Goddess. She simply gloms onto some random milquetoast twit as an excuse to make faces and shriek excitedly for twenty minutes. That's neither cute nor funny enough to carry an entire show, particularly not when it's the default state for most goddamned shows in the first place, and especially not when the thing it appears to want to do to stand apart is to crank up the volume of the shrieking.


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  • dp says:

    Got half-way through… Not only was it random shrieky, but the whole thing felt so dated. That said, the basic direction of the first half was competent and if the manic pixie had been dialed down a bit and the generic main a little less generic it may have sort of worked.

    What is it with Odin this season? We’ve had two manifestations. At least the guy in the airplane girl series actually acted like Odin (when he wasn’t pretending to be a 10 year old). This “odin” just seems deluded…

    Shana. Ah, Shana. I still watch the first episode of Shana every so often to remind me what a truly effective first episode (with that great “I died” at the end) was like.