Talentless Nana #02 — Subtlety in Coloring

October 11th, 2020


At least they're still making silly faces.


I guess it was marginally more tolerable than the first episode because there was less screaming, but on the other hand, it's because it kept getting sucked into the internal narration dimension, and every time it did, the entire screen was covered in a red filter. Subtle, it is not. Well, except for the very start where it straight up just explained the whole schtick. So if you thought what the first episode was missing was a buttload more having everything happening explained to you at length, then this episode will thrill. But don't worry, even the red filter doesn't stop the characters from constantly making silly faces. You'd think people would notice her staring daggers or grinning maniacally constantly, but I guess that stuff only exists in the internal narration dimension.

So no, it's still not gripping me. Its default state is still being really obnoxious, and it is nowhere near as smart or as intense a war of intellects as it thinks it is. As usual, it's making silly faces and just straight out telling the audience that it's engaged in a battle of wills and smarts rather than actually doing so. Hell, her first attempt to kill the time manipulation dude worked. She's not really up against a wall here. On top of that, they're nearly accidentally killing themselves/each other just by screwing around anyway, so… I don't know. Just walk away and let nature take its course on these morons? 

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Maybe the Aliens do exist and Nana is being ordered by the aliens posing as Humans, that would be interesting.

  • Arknoir says:

    I think my beef with this anime is the whole cast come off like a bunch of smarmy twits. Bunch of kids with powers are gonna be full of piss and vinegar and annoying and I dislike nana so profusely it hurts cos She comes off like discount Dexter innhow she’s going about the dirty deeds

    Looks like genshin impact filling up my time this season.


  • Anonymous says:

    not sure if getting the guy was the correct move. I mean he did have a troublesome power but she was in the clear and could have used him as an ally against the white haired one. I cooldown period would have been wise but on the other hand he was high maintenance and another opportunity like that (frozen lake that was not frozen 12 hours ago) would not come any time soon. I know it would be too predictable but I expected her to poison his food, since food was his thing.