Talentless Nana #01 — Silly Eyes

October 4th, 2020


The eyes are the window to the goofy.

There's more seemingly unannounced webcasts of shows today. Or maybe they're leaks. I just know that I expected around one show to air before I woke up, and there's at least three so far.


Well, unsurprisingly, this went all in on its shocking twist that relies on you knowing absolutely nothing about the show, or have looked at the cover of the source manga it's based on. Even if you did go in blind though, what you got was about twenty minutes of your standard screamy Jump-esque comedy, and then two straight minutes of evil villain infodump. If you're going for jarring, shocking, and upsetting, you probably want to avoid having someone monologue like Skeletor about their insidious plans, complete with glowing eyes, for around ten percent of the episode.

I'm not sure where that leaves this. The problem with putting a lot of time and effort into pretending to be generic schlock is that you spend a lot of time and effort being generic schlock. The dual tricks to that is being entertaining when doing that side of things, or in ripping the mask off sufficiently jarringly. Something like Shigofumi was wrenchingly emotional and expertly tugged at the heartstrings before slipping a knife between the ribs. Ga-Rei's murder-at-the-end was a jarring, sudden, drastic, gory massacre. This was… again, a monologue with a PG 'murder' that would be low key even for a Disney movie. Long monologues and glowing eyes are not the way around that.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    I knew nothing about this show, have yet to see most of the shows or even the season rundown, I was happy that they killed the main character(what a POS that guy was), if they are going to be murdering one by episode count me in with this show.

  • Anonymous says:

    I knew nothing about this show but by now I know the type I guess. I saw the twist coming and the general setting was reminding me of Assassination Classroom and the girls disgustingly sweet behavior was reminding me of that cherry head from danganronpa. lack of distinct character designs makes me wonder what the show will even focus on. perhaps the mystery of which of the 2 is true humanity? with the viewer likely thinking “who cares, both seem trashy”

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