Our Last Crusade #02 — Date Episode

October 14th, 2020


The entire goddamned twenty minutes.


This episode was pretty tediously boring nothing, and the screencaps below should make the reasons why pretty obvious, but it was still somehow better than either Noblesse's second episode or Bear⁴'s. If you find these fumbling, blushing teenagers cute, then great. Here's twenty minutes of multiple girls awkwardly trying to flirt with a eunuch. Also, some witch encased in stone or something? Who knows. It had goddamned nothing to do with anything else (not) happening in the episode. The one thing I can maybe say in favor of it is that it's at least showing a (boring and cliche) relationship developing in a medium where it's usually "dude does one nice thing and now they're in love forever." Or worse, since this is a light novel "dude compliments the slave he owns, which makes her belong to him forever." How far we've come.

Anyway, as for what it was marginally, and emphasis on marginally better than… One was pretty much the same as this, only without trying to be a parade of meet-cutes over and over and over with the random fanservice. The other was status screens, exposition, status screens, and more status screens. I'll leave you to piece together which one was which. Like this show, they were also pretty much unanimated, although I guess the bear one had a couple explosions in between reading off skill descriptions about how she needed to harness her inner bear to get a stat up. That wasn't a joke, mind you. It was just a thing it said, and then did, and then re-explained.


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  • Anonymous says:

    I “love” how the first 5 minutes are dedicated to recaping the end of the previous ep from the male mc pov and unsuccessfully explaining away the contrivance of both of them being at the same opera at the same time in the same city.

    I think we have rolled down, it started in 00s with ungrateful tsun girls who were always bitchy but you just had to keep at it and they would love you back. Went to pokemon girls where Mc was weak “commander” and all he needed to do was find the right approche. Then it was the 1 nice thing, the nice thing usually was either a totally basic human thing to do like “he told her she has the right to be alive” or extremity crazy like “she deceived him and stabbed him but he still loved her because the deception did not involve her sleeping with other men”. now we are at the slave stage and “its normal in this world/there is convenient magic that seemingly waves away all aspects that make slavery disgusting in the real world” of course not all shows but that seems to be the trend. Recently everyone seems to have given up on isekai and are directly reborn into novels the read as, especially the “reborn as a villainess” trend tho I dont think the female lead otome game type isekai will be making it into animated trends so I wonder what will be the next general trend. judging by the winter 2021 line up full of sequels,isekai and isekai sequels I dont think there will be change in any direction in the immediate future. In conclusion this this ep was not worth talking about so I went off on a tangent.

    p.s its been 4 years since last world trigger ep. Its no inuyasha or even a d’gray man. strange to see it in the line up.