Our Last Crusade #01 — Meet-Cute

October 4th, 2020


Is today "betting it all on the twist at 19 minutes into the episode" day?

Not sure where this came from. It's due to be broadcast on Wednesday, the 7th, and I don't care to go digging for more information past its own web page. I'm juts assuming it's either an early webcast pre-air, or a leak.


I'm honestly not sure if the meet-cute moment that was the climax of the episode was actually sort of well-done, or if the pure, absolute, aggressive, endless tedium of the episode had just put me in enough of a haze to be more receptive to it. Probably the latter. It's hard to describe how dull and info-dumpy the episode was. The best you can say about the characters is that the protagonist is more of the emotionless eunuch who endures women constantly glomping onto him and excitedly rubbing their breasts against him with detached indifference, rather than shrieking like a terrified schnauzer the ten thousand times in the episode it happens. Hell, one of the random enemy females gets a punch to the face. Most of the characters are baseline competent… which makes the one random maid they dragged along solely to shriek all the stranger.

But that still doesn't excuse the script for being so goddamned dull. We could have started right at the ambush halfway in, and it still would have been a kind of draggy, mediocre episode since there was less action here than in the promos. At least very little of the action in the promos was in this episode (at least from what I recall), so that suggests more is coming, and I do think there was at least a little directorial flair on display for the climax, particularly the way the animation and music actually finally kicked in before pulling the rug out and going back to blushing teenagers. And if we want to compare it to the twist of Nana, it was over quickly, its impact made, instead of dwelt upon for-goddamned-ever. Still, it was, at best, a middling moment only made to seem elevated because it came on the heels of a very underwhelming fight scene, which itself came after ten goddamned straight minutes spent trapped in the dull drone of exposition and glomping.

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  • daeros says:

    Hi there, I haven’t seen it yet but honestly based on your descript would give it at least 3 episodes.

    The thing about Anime is that as a genre it’s often in media res and if you know the script writing concept then I apologize for mansplaining here.

    But in essence they start off in the middle of the story and then reveal the backstory via a series of flashbacks.

    It’s done to suck people in right away- I don’t mind the techinique as far as story writing but a lot of the best books I’ve ever read got off to a laborious start.

  • residentgrigo says:

    The LN´s manga adaptation is pretty terrible and this is a an Ecchi Harem thing on top so one can give up after reading a synopsis. The manga runs in the same magazine as Berserk btw. Lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    at first I found the “rebels” ptetnotsu so I was on the side of the empire but then they came up with a galaxy brain plan of sending a convicted witch sympathizer to kill a witch, all the while having no leverage. It was then that I realized both sides deserve to burn.

    at this point the edge fest that is Hametsu no Oukoku would have been better.

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