Gymnastics Samurai #01 — Look At This Crazy Bird!

October 10th, 2020


We are so wacky!


I expected a more sportsy thing, and this turns out to be a bit more of a daddy-daughter drama thing. There are a couple bits on gymnastics, but they definitely weren't the focus. Then again, the OP at the end of the episode went 150% boy band sequence, and they have some kind of dinosaur bird for a pet, so it kind of feels like they're taking the kitchen sink approach. Also, I should probably mention that the over-animated gymnastics sequence towards the end of the episode ended with the goofy ninja dude's clothing exploding off of him, revealing his glistening, sweaty abs.

I'll equivocate here because I was mostly bored, but I don't feel particularly strongly about much of anything here. I guess maybe it's trying a little too hard to be wacky with the bird and the manic pixie boyfriend ninja, but neither are that obnoxious, particularly compared to the shrieking tantrums of that other show earlier. It's not a particularly compelling drama either though. Dude is a struggling gymnast. Dude has a daughter. Uhhhh, and here's a ninja who also is sort of gymnasty. They meet and team up. It's not exactly Hamlet.


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One Lonely Comment

  • residentgrigo says:

    This started alight and then fell off a cliff right before the halfway mark. The anime has no idea what it wants to be and neither do I. Done. 5/10