Assault Lily #02 — Sexual Harassment High

October 8th, 2020


Boundaries, people.


I decided to make this post after the pretty hilarious first three minutes. Mind you, it wasn't because it was intentionally funny. It was just a parade of one character after another getting all up in Pinky's business, caressing her, rubbing her, declaring that she belongs to them, etc etc. It's like they took the lyrics to Divinyls "I Touch Myself" and used that as the base for the script. From that point, it could have easily turned either into a sexually charged visceral cut-em-up like Freezing was, or just into straight up porn, like… well, porn. 

Instead, it backed off all that and went full banal for the remainder of the episode runtime with the most sexually charged thing being some shots of naked feet. That includes a bath, where everybody now suddenly respects physical boundaries and no touching without consent, let alone any overtures to masturbating and/or fingering each other to involuntary release. Keep in mind that this is a school for child soldiers being trained to fight the monsters besetting humanity, being attended by apparently only overly aggresive lesbians. But we're going to shuffle all that to the back for… I can't actually answer that question. For Pinky to pine after one random girl in a clumsy, clueless, sort of platonic but not really way while other girls flitter around her? Yeah, that definitely seems like a winner.


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One Lonely Comment

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    Should have called it “Sexual Assault Lily” tbqh.

    If only the show was true to the title though. They get that part right but nothing else. Unfortunately, all priority was dedicated to CHARMS CHARMS CHARMS. Talking about weapons instead of using them kinda defeats the purpose from where I stand.

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