Uzaki Wants to Hang Out #01 — Make Dod and Tiger and Fish

July 10th, 2020


I don't even know what movie that's supposed to be parodying.


There's something that comes across as a little psychopathic in the current social climate about mocking someone for wanting to keep their distance from others socially, but for once, I think we can pin the blame for that on the west rather than Japan being weird as is the usual status quo. And yes, I found that more disturbing than other things, like the art style's weird proportions. Not even talking about the giant chest with "super huge" slapped on them jiggling uncontrollably every time she moves, nor the flesh-colored fang that looks like a particularly long skin tag. Or maybe it's herpes. It's the oversized head. If she yawned, she could accidentally swallow the dude's head whole. And they try to sexualize this disturbing creature. Repeatedly. Constantly. There's an entire scene that's just her moaning and orgasming, quickly followed up by him screaming "It's so huge!" about a VR shark while groping her.

Anyway, that's the only thing that's really recommendable here. I already touched on the humor in the season preview, which is to say, there are essentially no jokes. There's just a disturbingly large headed large chested manic pixie girl glomping all over a surly dude while he complains about it. Loudly and incessantly. I guess there's something almost like the very badly needed epiphany about her improving his life in some way at the end so he can put up with her, but it was too little and predicated on nothing at all. Kudos to the one writer who realized that it was the end of the episode and they probably should put something there to signify that. We take what little victories we can get.


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  • I think I’m better off alone but…

  • abc says:

    From the first look this Girl looks like a Boy, if there where not this big Boobs

  • Spencer Cliss says:

    Is this a shortstack I see before me?
    seriously though the blow up over twitter from this show is a shitstorm. God knows how they’ll take to Nagatoro once that airs. Unless it passes completely under the radar since there’s hardly much in terms of sex jokes