Appare-Ranman #04 — Still Harping About Women Drivers

July 24th, 2020


And it still hasn't gone anywhere.


I half-intended to post about episode 3 last week, but it was a fat lot of nothing, and this one followed suit, so you'll just have to take my word for it from the screencaps. Four months and two episodes later, it's still harping on about "girls can't drive," and doing its best to keep away from every part of its Wacky Races premise as possible. HXeros busted through two more of its harem in short fashion, but otherwise remains animated like a slideshow and written about as well as one. Uzaki also remains the same. I'm fine with calling Deca-Dence the only watchable thing of the season, which includes some western things like Central Park (which is surprisingly terrible), although Star Trek: Lower Decks, aka Rick and Morty? Never Heard Of It debuts in two weeks, and I'm not counting that out after Harley Quinn last season.

That leaves what to do with the other six days of this season. I'm not huge on retro stuff, but unless I find a way to conquer time, that seems to be where I'm stuck. I could try to review some obscureish game (trials), but those are pretty time and effort intensive. I have had the itch to work on some kind of project again, but I feel pretty translated out, and there's little that sparks my interest on my radar. I was optimistic for Baldrhead's upcoming Clarias, aka Duel Savior? Never Heard of It, but they recently had a big "countdown to announcement" after a long period of silence, and it just ended up being announcing the release date half a year out and adding a couple more furries to the character page, with nary even a whiff of the gameplay. There's not even a slot on the page left for that either, which is worrisome. It wouldn't be Baldrhead's first time making a game with no gameplay though, so I'm not hopeful. 

So I'm not sure what I want to do. Maybe I'll make my own game, with poker, and hookers. Or rant aimlessly once a week at whatever strikes my fancy. Or convert the entire blog into an exercise in existential futility. Fun!

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    • Aroduc says:

      I’ve seen that before. I have no idea why. I played Karnov approximately once in my life and have no real idea how to TAS anything.

  • Ark noir says:

    I’m only inquiring as I’m old and owned karnov and that time is some of the devil’s work

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