Fairy Gone #05 — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Guess I’ll Die

May 5th, 2019


What a climactic exit for balloon-fairy crazy dude.

Not sure what the deal with Annihilated City/Afterlost is. Technically, I've seen an upload, but it lacked any audio. While that would've been an interesting experiment, I think I'll just wait, but by all appearances, it may be a while, and I've got dogs to walk and groceries to shop. 


Really mixing things up here again, and showing off how stupid it is for the second half of the episode to be nothing but exposition and filler with no real hook for upcoming events. The mediocre-at-best first half didn't help matters much either though. Crazy lunatic hopped around, swung from chandeliers, ranted like a madman, then Mariya shot one little fireball into a room already engulfed in flames and he was like "Oh, crap. This is 5% more fire than I wanted there to be. Time to run away. Wait, no. Script says I'm supposed to die here. Well, someone kill me. I'm waiting." I would say it compares favorably to how the other fight petered out, except that one ended with Free going "Here, take your box of tricks," and then she did. And ran away. And this was a surprise. Perhaps the big surprise was that she didn't immediately come back to get killed too.

There's precious little else to say about the episode. It did the token flashback bereft of any real connection to ongoing events. It did the token briefing about the geopolitical situation being uncertain. It did the token bit where a bunch of dudes sit around having drinks, shooting the breeze about not much in particular. And then the episode was just over. This show's certainly got its formula. Its dull, repetitive, mystifying formula.

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