Macross Δ #26 — Hair Plugs

September 26th, 2016


I bet they lost because of split ends.


Before I even turned this episode on, I wondered to myself what it could possibly do to end on some sort of high note. There's absolutely no character arcs at this point. The relationships between the protagonists and antagonists is barely more than two grumpy neighbors shaking their fists over a fence. The only 'challenge' to overcome with the plot is handwavey magic pulled straight out of the ass. So that leaves, what? An overproduced dog fight interspersed with an overproduced pop idol concert? For about a minute, that looked like what they going to go for, and then things got stupid. Using the power of plugging their hair into a magic machine, Mikumo connected everyone in the naked astral dimension. And then they decided "Hell, this seems like as good a time as any to resolve this romantic triangle that we never really properly introduced, developed, or paid any attention to."

And so with a shout of "Our feelings!" they overcame the naked-hair-astral dimension, hugged, and sang some more godawful songs, as well as the OP yet again. The end.


Final Thoughts:

I'm running out of ways to say that this went nowhere, did nothing with anything/everything it introduced early on, and did so very, very slowly, squandering the somewhat above average (at least for this season) production… at least for the episodes that weren't 24 straight minutes of exposition. Not a single character had even the slightest bit of development over the entire six month run, the plot only 'advanced' through exposition and handwaving about things happening somewhere far away, and most of it was just to fill up some screentime anyway. Christ, you could've written Hayate out of the show entirely and literally nothing would've changed at all. This would've been a poorly paced three episode OVA. Not a single character was integral to the show, nor was anything that they did. So what was there to get involved with? What was there to root for?

About the only times it was palatable was when it was being willfully idiotic; overselling the idol fandom, shenanigans with the idiotic catseals, teenagers being the super bestest at absolutely everything. The story was tripe, the characters could've all been replaced by catseals without any loss of fidelity, and it even jettisoned the idol stuff for most of the second half. That's what I get for giving an idol show half a chance.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    Why does villain have this unhealthy obsession for turning the entire humanity into one mind jelly?

  • Opulent Rag says:

    This did honestly feel like watching a fusion of the shittiest season of a Gundam anime and Love Live or IM in spaaaaaaaaace. And like those anime I look forward to several more utterly banal iterations of this horrible chimera of garbage.

  • residentgrigo says:

    I called it quits after an early screening of the pilot, no way could i have lasted 3 episodes… Another shows like this and Macross will be dead.

  • Yyi says:

    What a silly waste of time.

    This anime proves that Macross has degenerated into a stupid mix of bad repetitive singing, insignificant combat scenes, and overused tropes that are thrown around in a swirling vat of acid with no serving of a consistent plot whatsoever.

    Congrats for destroying the franchise.