Macross Δ #23 — Deadly Dudes in Wingsuits

September 4th, 2016


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I enjoyed the moment early on when Team Dumbass stopped in the middle of what they were doing to listen to a chunk of an insert song. It really set expectations high for the rest of the episode. This was soon followed by Team Dumbass #2 posing with canned food and then having a picnic. All I could think is that they really wasted an opportunity for product placement. Then all the side bitches talked about their feelings, but wouldn't you know it, nobody could say how they felt about Hayate. Eleven minutes into the episode, and that's about all that had happened.

Then the enemy displayed its true might by sending in a bunch of dudes in wingsuits, backed by apparently the entire goddamned military, to capture four pop stars, and two poorly trained grunts. And possibly would've failed if the big boss didn't know the magic words to brainwipe Purple so he could drag her back to his glasses lair to… have her sit in front of her glasses? And yet, that plan was comparable to what they did with all the rest, which was to drag them to the big hole in the ground for them to stare aghast at it. And then… here's an old plane! That was important, apparently! Whoa! What further horror will they inflict next? A museum tour? A trip to Lens Crafters? Sky's the limit in this thrilling tale!

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