Macross Δ #21 — Main Characters? What Main Characters?

August 21st, 2016


I can't even remember how many episodes it's been since anything actually happened.

Act of dog and sleeping in are why this is a bit late. No great conspiracies, although how awful this has been lately sure ain't helping.


Another in this string of episodes where it's clear that they've given up and would rather not even involve any of the main characters at all, let alone have anything happen. Most of it was consumed by flashbacks about the idols, so if you're looking for a summary, it's "girls sit in prison and reminisce about the time they discovered they could be exploited and gawked at them for their cleavage." Inspiring. You can skip right to the last five minutes to get to anything 'important,' and even that's just that the one opera voiced castrati's full body palm flower is turning black, and the head pop starlet finally gets around to waking up and walking everyone out, but obviously not until fetching their T&A clothing, and tells them that they're all friends. Would that one of them rolled their eyes and made a jerking off motion in response.

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