Macross Δ #20 — But My Insecurity!

August 14th, 2016


We're fast approaching the point where I despise all of them and the story is 100% halted.


As mediocre as the show was even at its strongest, it has gotten downright atrocious in recent weeks. Yet another episode of mainly white noise and faffing around with some yelling about feelings, but not actually predicated on anything except characters biting their lips and looking constipated about their feelings, because that might require an animation budget or the writers to put in more than 15 minutes of work. That goes for both protagonist and antagonist side. The only actual action anybody took came in the closing minutes where some of the idiot idol group broke into the lab to visit their leader in a bottle. Actual results and consequences of which to come next week, because Christ, we can't have too much happening in one week apparently.

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