Macross Δ #17 — Playboy Spread

July 25th, 2016


Wow! A picture of a semi-clothed woman! This is amazing!


As I sometimes do on weekdays, I sorted caps while eating lunch, and good god, let me tell you that neither this nor Re:Zero would have survived the day if everything actually aired on Mondays. This episode was pure backlash to how the recent episodes have had zero idol BS, so this one doubled down on it and made it all about the tits, fanservice, and idoling their hardest. Not quite as many insert songs as a couple other episodes, but absolutely no other content to it besides cheesecake crap and a concert. Oh, and I guess one or two characters felt a little insecure, but they decided to do their best, and people around them were moved by their do their bestingness. Enough. I've got three more to go through, and at least one more that I already know is going to suck from wall to wall. Let's go right on to my final post post on that trainwreck, which will coincidentally be about the same as the last four months of posts on it.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tiresias says:

    By God, when was the last dogfight worth a damn? Or heck, any action at all? It feels like 9 million episodes ago.

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Hm? Still nothing going on… okay. *goes back to watching Bojack Horseman*)

  • Tylovetx says:

    Yeah nothing happened. Nevermind the major plot revelation that changes literally everything, and that the idol stuff was only for like the first 10 minutes of the episode. I used to love your reviews, but lately it really seems like you’re phoning it in. Maybe it’s work? I don’t know.

  • UltimaLuminaire says:

    Eh, Delta has been won, practically. The green haired girl can just do anything with the power of hacking. What’s the point of anything anymore…