Macross Δ #01 — Cocaine is a Very Fun Thing to Do

April 3rd, 2016


Where will you be when the cocaine hits?

I have some Sunday errands to run and the next shows (one of which is a one hour broadcast) won't be up for an hourish. They might be a little delayed depending on how long my affairs take.


I imagine everybody who already was even tangentially into the whole Macross idols and robots thing already pretty much watched this in OVA form three months ago, but hey, I can be the last horse across the finish line for once, even if my general dislike of robots, CGI, and idols means that this already has one foot in the grave from the start as far as I'm concerned. So anyway, dancing robots, CGI, dancing CGI mechs, idols, and dancing CGI idols. And space elves. And our characters, Morose Boy who is morose, and Spastic Girl who is spastic. I think the way she acts like a four year old hopped up on a brick of cocaine with the social skills of a chihuahua is supposed to be cute, and the way he's too disaffected to ever have any emotions but still apparently cares enough whenever a protagonist is needed really resonates with me, a poorly written emo teenager.

So no, it didn't win me over from with the characters, plot, or action from my general position of "I dislike all the things that go into this cake." The space battle at the end was probably the most palatable part for me, excised of all the magical girl transformation scenes, pop music, and CGI dancing, but there was some serious funny business going on there with the direction. The accelerated framerate that wasn't even vaguely trying to be the same as the actually animated parts was the most obvious thing, but there were also some weird-ass overreaction faces in the mix. Also, that it was so much light and noise, signifying nothing. Then it was idol time again. It almost showed some Symphogear-esque mix of song and action at that point, but wimped out from it as the power of song made Cocaine Face's head-heart glow (or judging by her expression, the meth kicked in) and Emo Dance Boy used his dance-robot powers to kick other robots in the face while the idols… apparently just stopped caring and left. Now there's a sentence for the ages.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    So one Side sing for War, and the other Side sing for Peace. But if i remember it right there is also an 3rd Side…

    Oh well, lets see what they have in their bag for now

  • Sanjuro says:

    I love Macross and didn’t know this was a thing until your preview. I thought it was good. I liked his dance fighting and sexy half-human elf ears girl.

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    Macross Missile Massacre~!