HaruChika #01 — The Mystery of Who Gives a Damn?

January 6th, 2016


I think I was more interested in the overly aggressive volleyball lesbians.

Because god knows, it's impossible for anybody to have multiple interests in high school.


This began with damn near close to five straight minutes of self-introduction. And yet, there was so much more to come. And good god, was the 'mystery' here godawful. Someone drew some random crap on the blackboard. Unless it's a dick, one of the fifteen painted around the school by a serial dickster, this is not a mystery. Oh, wait, if there was music in the music room, it must be some kind of cypher. Let's take a minute or two to explain it, then solve for it. And the result? It's a random word! Wait, no it's some other cypher. Let's explain and solve for that, one letter at a time too. Wait, no, still makes no sense. It's some other cypher. Let's explain and review that too. That would make a terrible homework assignment for third graders, and somehow, we've inflated that and tried to make it the meat of an episode. Maybe drawing the freaky 79 toned eyes drove everyone involved with this insane. That's probably how they also decided that twins who constantly speak in stereo was a good and believable thing in this totally 'down to earth' setting.

Therein lies the biggest problem. Strip the godawful mystery away and what's left? Not humor. Not characters really either. They existed primarily as mouthpieces to tell us about themselves. Okay, I've had it explained… at length what their personalities are, what their ambitions are, who's in love with who, and how X grew up with Y, so… where exactly are we going with this? It's PA Works, so that question's probably already answered with the "nowhere" anyway. It's not organic to anything, nor does it promise anything of the slightest bit of interest in the future. I think the weirdest part though, may have been when they had a montage of the band practicing, set to piano music, because apparently they used up the french horn budget at that point. In fact, for a show centered around music as a theme, you'd think they'd have a little more variety than "piano" and "piano with french horn." Also, as a former french horn player myself, if you're not spinning it around to drain the literal flood of spit (okay, condensation) that gathers in the pipes, you're not getting the real french horn experience. Those things are disgusting. And leave marks on your lips like you went ten rounds trying to kiss a viper.

Next Episode:

Worst rubix cube ever.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    Oh look, all the students love the teacher, one of them is even gay! Damn it, Japanese literature, damn it all.

  • The Phantom says:

    So this anime is about some random girl joining a music club, and since that has been done like 1000 times before the twist here is that someone leaves stupid messages on the blackboard… and since that was also boring as shit, the other twist is that the supposed childhood friend/love interest is instead openly gay for the teacher and thats it.

    Not sure what the focus of this show is supposed to be, but this certainly was a borefest.

  • algorithm says:

    What’s wrong with her eyes?