GATE #01 — It’s Time For Sonic Speed!

July 3rd, 2015


Which is ironic since most things are stills.


It’s weird how his imagination isn’t animated, but completely realistic that a cell phone game isn’t. Cutting corners in the production is the name of the game here. At least when it’s not being insultingly redundant. In the first five minutes of the show, we have someone declare the protagonist to be an otaku, watch him on a train imagining himself playing an MMO and losing at it, and then after running into a pillar, so another person comes up, looks at his phone plastered with girly crap and goes basically “Ooh, you play otaku games too?” That was a third of the episode goddamned well spent. If you saw the animation in the promo, then great! You’ve seen about 50% of the animation in the episode. And then, everything just stopped for the second half. It already was moving at the speed of a dead cow, and somehow, despite a three month time jump, only just barely managed to reach the second sentence of the premise blurb.

Which isn’t to say that they didn’t manage to be utterly ridiculous with the visual direction while they were busy going absolutely nowhere and making a giant fuss about it. My favorite was how right in the middle of them trying to be all hardcore and bloody by having the protagonist deal a no quarter kill to a guy he already had subdued, an orc unveiled a truly terrifying attack, curling up into a ball. Yes, that thing in the thumbnails at the top is an orc, rolling around like Sonic the goddamned hedgehog. That little splurge of half-effort quickly drained away again after barely a minute or two, leaving just CGI to fill in the role of “things moving on screen”. Between the stills, the speedlines, the awful picture-in-picture of absolutely nothing happening, this is not what one would call a visually appealing, visually adept show, or engaging episode in any way.


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I’m already bored.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    Well, perhaps they did not make the same error like Tokyo ESP done it. Began with Bumm bang pew pew peng peng, then for 2nd Episode or such, have a time jump into the Past for 90% of the rest of the show. Here they try the world build around the MC. Well, they also could insert his Otaku life through recaps or flashback of his “peaceful earlier Days as civilian”. But hey, there is not Master fallen from the Sky. or lately i hear the Nippon compare for this. “even Monkeys fall from trees”

    Let’s see. right now and the OP suggest me. “We are the mighty JSDF and we are save your World, You need US!!”

    Well, as long they have a Real World support line, for Ammo, Fuel, Repair parts and such. Outbreak Company does not have that, only a Bazooka and an old WW2 Air Fighter, with Magic copied Air Fuel

    Let’s See, there is 2 other Episodes to explain our “JSDF” heroes…

    • SonyaUliana says:

      “Outbreak Company does not have that, only a Bazooka and an old WW2 Air Fighter, with Magic copied Air Fuel”

      The Bazooka and WW2 fighter is from Familiar of Zero, not Outbreak Company.

      • Germanguy says:

        Ups, your right. Yeah, Outbreak Company had a working supply Line. I messed this up. My fault

  • don says:

    The manga version seems for the most part seems somewhat different than the anime.

  • algorithm says:

    It was much better when the Gate was a Stargate. Like far too often, Japan never ceases to amaze with their ability to throw big money at nothing.

    And this is a A-1 production, it’s only getting uglier.

  • A.Nagy says:

    I think they wanted to end the first episode going into the fantasy world and had to find a way to kill the extra time.

    • Aroduc says:

      They could’ve done all kinds of things to fill the time that didn’t suck and still ended at the same point. The obvious thing would have been to make the invasion portion longer and more in-depth, which would also have been a good chance for the protagonist to prove his worth.

      But that’s not very budget friendly.