Classroom ☆ Crisis #01 — Now If You’ll All Turn To Form B9-A…

July 3rd, 2015


Putting a bag on someone’s head has never been so monotonous.


Well, at least it did something for the start. That something however, was a dark room full of suits discussing out dramatic and important things are over a montage of… a girl getting ready and going to school. After that, we had… a bunch more meetings and more going to school. It reminds me of Bodacious Space Pirates, mostly in the ways that it’s about a bunch of school girls jammed into a sci fi but not really setting, their grand goal is something that other things would be content to reduce to a 30 second montage, everything ‘important’ that happens takes the form of people looking constipated while sitting at a console, and next to nothing is animated. At least the title’s more accurate. Except for the crisis part. A much more appropriate title would be Classroom Bureaucracy given the number of dull, lifeless, pointless meetings we sat through.

I don’t know what the appeal is supposed to be here. Certainly not the visuals. The characters are the standard doe-eyed nimrods who have nothing in their heads but “gotta be friends” and “gotta try our best” Japan always writes, plus a no nonsense gonna get things done guy leading them, which was the thrilling cliffhanger for leading into next episode, complete with them all staring in shock for literally over a minute as they tried to drag that out for an ungodly amount of time. Girls in a club-class trying their best? Because, Japan, if you haven’t noticed, you’ve been pushing those out by the truckload. The episode simply spat out what will no doubt be the single ‘quest’ that drives the entire thing and was content to call that the hook of the episode. Where’s the personal investment from them? Where’s the goddamned emotion that should be driving this?

I know making something that’s interesting every week is really hard when you’re focused on DVD sales, but at least give the goddamned first episode a little meat.

Next Episode:

Yes, the dick goes there.

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  • Germanguy says:

    Money!!! Money rules the World, let the World going round, and sadly it is more Important then Pilot and Anime Storyline in here. So right from the start an Downer for me.

    Lucky the “Teacher” done the right thing