World Break #01 — Layer Effect – Apply Stroke

January 11th, 2015


High quality battle auras here.


It threatened for about two minutes to maybe unseat Absolute Duo from its throne of questionability with a flash forward to an army of mages working together to fight some giant CGI dragon, albeit with spells that require writing entire paragraphs in the air. However, by the five minute mark, he had fallen asleep, been woken up by a hyperactive girl he’s never met who’s the reincarnation of his incestuous sister who is instantly madly in love with him, and woken up a second girl who he has also never met but is also madly in love with him. Both are more than ready and willing to constantly rub themselves all over him in public while screaming about how much they want to screw him. Mostly in what are basically swimsuits. So much for that.

Aside from the opening bit, it is geared as more of a comedy than the others of its regrettable breed. And by comedy, I mean that the pink one screams constantly. And is insecure. And screams. And screams. And screams. I really can’t understate that. She’s like a goddamned chihuahua. It’s not helped by the wailing opera toward the end either. The other jokes are things like, “girl shoves protagonist’s face in her cleavage.” High quality comedy, guys.

It’s not unseating Absolute Duo from its throne at any rate. The action’s pretty weak, even in the flash forward, the main female irritates me greatly, and neither of the other two main characters do much of anything to appeal either. While it doesn’t suffer quite as much from excessive info dumping as the other magical girlfriend at magical school LN adaptations this season, but you can just listen to a mosquito in your ear for ten minutes if you feel like you’re missing out on what they replaced it with.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • FlameStrike says:

    HOLYSHIT THIS WAS BAD. I had hopes for the whole reincarnation aspect, but oh my firggen god. MY EARS!!!!! That pink girl needs to freakking take a chill pill. Don’t get me started on the COMBAT SWIMSUITS and terrible fight animations. It’s not even Cross Ange hilariously bad, it’s just bad.

  • david says:

    At least you got a pretty blond witch out of it.