Happy Cooking Graffiti #01 — Foodgasms

January 8th, 2015


I hope the secret ingredient is her grandmother’s ashes.


I don’t know what it is about this season, but Japan’s beating of dead cliche horses is grinding on me a lot more than usual. Here we have an entire show based around how if food isn’t burnt to a blackened crisp, it gives you fifty thousand mouth orgasms with every single bite. Not even in a ‘funny’ way like Not-Jump Bread did with its elaborate bread-based hallucinations that turned into Bollywood affairs. You’d have a hard time calling these heartwarming foodgasms either since they’re rather sexualized. That seems to be about the only thing that stands out about this episode really. I guess it is fairly unmistakably Shaft behind the wheel, but not enough to either be obnoxious nor interesting. Mostly by closeups of eyes, photos of food, and the OP. The actual content is… a couple breathy girls blushing, moaning, and eating, and then they have a break to get sick, which means… more blushing and breathy moaning. And sometimes, they fondly think about the past. Oh, there’s also some really discordant and annoying music. Joy.

I’m not really sure what the appeal is supposed to be. Ooh and aah over girls being friends as the most meaningful thing that happens in their lives is a touch of the sniffles? Or is it to touch yourself to overly detailed lips and the oohing and aahing of something warm and gooey in their mouths? Neither things are exactly rare, particularly in the world of anime. If it’s not really comedy, drama, or pornographic, then what’s left? Another safe show with characters so bland and inoffensive to every possible person that they’re of interest to the kind of people who get passionate about specific brands of saltine crackers. Because that is ironically what this show is. A saltine cracker. I’m so witty.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • PP says:

    It’s funny because I’m really passionate about my crackers and I liked this episode quite a bit.

  • Blas says:

    shaft as declined