Fafner With an E #01 — Stuff’s Coming!

January 8th, 2015


Still coming… Still coming… Stiiiiilll coooooomiiiiing… Aaand see you next week.

I need a break to recover my sanity meter. I’ll get to Tokyo Ghoul in an hour or two. I glanced at it. It looks full of nonsense and punchy punchy bang bang. That’s… probably a step up for today.


Finally, something a little different. CGI monsters fought with magical CGI weapons with Norse overtones for a couple minutes, but actually mostly about the mundane lives of teenagers going about their day. …This isn’t different at all.

Nah, I kid. Somewhat. It’s not doing much new, although it’s in mecha tropeville instead of light novel magical girlfriend swampland (although with a magical girl hibernating, could very well go slumming), and I don’t know why the invincible despair-inducing invaders sequence went on for a third of the episode, but it was more engaging than anything the other Fafnir did. After it ended though, we began about a ten minute sequence of “Meet the villagers,” just random shots of people going about their lives. Maybe they’ll be important eventually? Maybe not. With anime, you can never tell for sure. They sure as hell weren’t in this episode at any rate. I imagine it’s designed to be an ensemble cast, but between throwing two dozen characters at the screen and the last 16 minutes of the episode having a whole lot of nothing, it’s hard to say that they accomplished much.

I have no past with the greater Fafner franchise, so I can’t really say much from that angle Maybe half the cast are returning from a previous series? Who knows? Not me. I imagine that the 80-piece orchestra they rented for the background music is probably just a thing they do, whether or not it sounds silly to have 40 violins twanging along to Bob Everyteen chatting with Jill Everygirl be damned. It also didn’t help that the entire last five minutes was spent on “Getting closer!” with the cliffhanger leading into next episode being “Almost there!”

The start wasn’t great, but it’s the last two thirds of the episode that really made me zone out.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    Finally! A mecha show which won’t be like Muv-Luv Total Eclipse. ^^;

  • Anonymous says:

    I watched the old fafner and im still not sure if these characters are new or not because of the hirai faces

  • The Phantom says:

    Episode 2 somebody (named) dies or I drop this, I am waiting show, KILL someone already.