Assassination Classroom #01 — More Bullying! More Exposition! More Angst!

January 9th, 2015


You can never have enough!


This is going to be the top comedy of the season, isn’t it? Well, I mean besides Cross Ange, but you can’t compete with Sunrise. That’s not fair. Which isn’t to say it’s not probably the most humorous thing so far, and does deliver with decent animation and timing some of the physical gags in a way a little more effective than “announce what I’m doing, express disbelief that someone would do it, do it, and then announce that I have done it.” Of course, they do that too. This is Japanese media after all. You know, Japan, if you just threw a pie in someone’s face, that’s far better physical humor than announcing “And then he does something unusual for this situation!” You’re trying too hard to be ‘wacky,’ so much so that you have to explain your own jokes in the process of making them just so the audience has a fighting chance to understand it. That’s not going to work out. 

However, while I might have considered chuckling at some of the gags (but didn’t), what doesn’t work in the slightest is all the angst and the exposition, but mostly the angst. The few okayish jokes in there had all but disappeared after about seven minutes in an utter torrent of exposition soon followed by angsty exposition, because it’s not enough that the world’s threatened, they’re also all social rejects and bullying victims. Uh… okay? Thanks for the nonsequitur? I think after ten thousand other shows did that, they just felt the need to tack that on too, except that everybody was having angsty flashbacks, even the not-alien, so it’s more like they started with “We need more angst” and just tacked it on until it completely swallowed up the entire rest of the episode.

And I have not said one word about the obviously dick tentacles.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Abandon all hope…

    The manga, at least, is all about the angst of each and every one of the kids in the class. And the first episode of the anime followed the first chapter of the manga very closely…

    So do you want to bet on how much and how often angst will be the heart of each episode?

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    I’ve read a good portion of the manga… waaaaay back… so with that said, if I recall correctly – if -, both the angst and exposition mostly vanish. The angst not quite as much, with there still being some segments dedicated to “Wah! We’re class E! We’re discriminated against!” and the morale of the day being that wow, class E is actually so much cooler than the other snobshit classes but going by this episode, there’s still an improvement. Mind you, it doesn’t get particularly funny at any point of time. Just wacky. Because man, does this thing never stop being amazed by its own premise. At least it kinda kept up the variety a bit with introducing new assassins/methods of assassinations.

  • Sanjuro says:

    Is that a class rep type small person I spot? Why yes it is. Picked up.