Twin Tails #01 — More Pedophile Lizardmen

October 9th, 2014


The silurians need a better PR agent.

This is the last of the new things for the day, so I’m taking a break for an hour or two before I start skimming through Psycho Pass, Gundam, Amagi, and Bookseller thingy and figure out which (if any) intrigue me enough to continue. I’m… not too wild about Thursdays so far at the moment. 


Not shocking, but you wouldn’t want to play a drinking game with this and the phrase “twin tails.” At some point though (in this case, about 60 seconds in), harping on about a hair style has long since passed overplaying the twin tail schtick for humor and has gone to a fairly desperate attempt to create a joke out of nothing and then stretch that joke to hell and back. We’re operating on more or less the same rules as Daimidaler used for being horny, except that it’s “having twin tails, in their heaaaaarts” and with just… guys in black and lizards instead of penguins and mecha with erections. So no, the humor’s not exactly what I’d call strong. Thankfully, it just did the yelling without the visual stingers and gong sound effects, so it was only annoying instead of grating. That’s… a step up from most of the comedies this season I suppose.

Production’s not great either. The maids ‘running’ up by skimming across the ground was a particularly amusing moment of awfulness that sticks out, but it wasn’t exactly flexing any muscles during the action scene either. As parody of sentai goes, I’ve seen worse. The gimmick’s dumb and to their credit, they seem to understand that, but they’re not executing from their either. It needed to be a lot more balls to the wall and over the top with it. It’s going through the parody motions, and has some ideas, but the joke was kind of already played out by the end of the OP and it didn’t build much on it after that. No Nurse Witch Komugi fighting 2ch made flesh is this. Or even Super Robo Girls to not date myself quite so much.

It’s surprisingly inoffensive, I guess, considering these kinds of things are usually rife with bad T&A, but the production’s kind of weak and the jokes are already starting to grate. It didn’t bore me quite as much as some of the other ‘comedies’ this season so far, but still far too few jokes, not very good ones, and stretched out far too long.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Longhaul says:

    This is giving Kore wa Zombie a run for its money on the absurd premise category.

    • The difference is that Zombie took its premise seriously. Twintails is a farce and the premise is deliberately absurd.

      • elior1 says:

        for me twintails is so absurd and redicoules that it will be fun to watch it.this is one of those shows that say”turn your brain off and relax

      • anon says:

        >The difference is that Zombie took its premise seriously.

        Well kinda, I would say they did it with a strait face but they also quite serious about some things.

        Comedy does work when they do something absurd and act as its entirely natural, bad comedy usually relies on references to carry the joke, not the absurdity of the situation.

  • elior1 says:

    twin tailes are the best

  • The Phantom says:

    I thought that the twin tail red head, was that black haired girl, it just happens to cross gender the male into the red headed…. seriously? No matter this was an insanely stupid show.