The Seven Deadly Sins #01 — Let Me Explain Your Attack For You

October 5th, 2014


Yeah, that’s my favorite kind of action.


The talking pig mascot annoyed me far more than it probably should have, but then again, it was made to play comedy primary comedy partner for about 90% of the episode. Much of the rest was making motions toward overblown melodrama, but didn’t actually follow through with any of it. Look at all these corpses and how horrified this guy is. Isn’t it horrible? Now let’s cut away from that for Comedy Hour with a boy and his pig. The action was similarly almost all posturing and little execution, worst being when the Boy Wonder finally got off his ass to attack, swung his little broken sword once, resulting in a paragraph of how badass that was from the target before he blasted into the air like Team Rocket. And then they tool off on a giant pig.

It strikes me very much as a sillyish children’s adventure show with some half-assed appeals to be mature and adult by trying to be overly melodramatic, but since it starts with and returns to “we’re totally super serious here, guys” at the climax right before the Team Rocket nonsense, I’m not sure everyone on the staff is on the same page. The characters are all idiots/jokes except for Designated Drama Time, the plot slow to move, the action lame, and even if they bothered to animate it a little more, would have still suffered from Patient Bad Guy Forgetting To Attack While Protagonist Gives Life Affirming Speech About Their Life Story and Motivations Syndrome.  

Next Episode:

More goddamned pig.

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  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Dr. Slump meets Fairy Tale…