Magic Kaito 1412 #01 — The Nose Knows

October 4th, 2014


Could we at least draw them at a consistent length?


The start was kind of fun, especially after Lost Future’s dreary character introductions and dreary characters. The back and forth between Kaito and Not-That-Girl-From-Conan-But-Could-Pass-For-Her-Spikey-Haired-Twin-Because-Character-Design-Is-Hard was a rare bit of fun so far in this season. I can’t say I was that into most of the rest though, particularly not the truly godawful climax of the episode where he called on the lessons learned from his father and to expose the trick… shot the guy in the face. Really? That’s the best you could think of? I had more fun giggling at the noses every time there was a closeup than the entire heist.

I think I might be into it a little more if the magic was a little less obviously ass-pully BS trying to be passed off as realistic sleight of hand and trickery. Yeah, it’s a kid’s show, but if it was more grounded in reality, and I’m including a talking head copter as erring on the side of reality here, it’d have made the meat of the episode a little more satisfying. Or maybe it’s again, that the trick was exposed by shooting the guy in the face. That works on a number of illusions, guys. Or maybe it’s just that I enjoyed the US broadcast of Fool Us recently.

Next Episode:

Evil guy.

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    I was fine with Escaflowne after a bit but this puts me back at step one.