Celestial Method #01 — Friendship Power!

October 5th, 2014


Gag me with a spoon.


The first question I want answered is what her father was doing in the morning, because I’m pretty sure it was “drinking coffee while staring at a wall.” Yes, that was indeed one of the more interesting things about this episode. Actually, I think a lot of this episode gets more interesting if you assume that they’re all high off their asses. I thought they might be going for a ghost girl kind of angle at the start, but then no, it turns out that she was just incredibly oblivious. I think the director might be. Through the first half, it did the thing where it goes on a parade of all the characters, but forgot to include the main protagonist in it, so it was just a bunch of random vignettes of like… some random girl chasing the bus. And then the characters utterly disappear again for the remainder of the episode. The entire purpose of those scenes was apparently just to indicate that a character existed. Time well spent, guys.

It’s pretty much Just Another PA Works Girly Melodrama About Friendship being done by Not PA Works. What could charitably be called the plot of the episode is that after moving back to her old town (15 minutes), Angsty Spice thinks that Eccentric Spide broke the frame of a picture of her dead mom, but friendship! (5 minutes) Hugs! Girls! Rain for extra drama! See this montage of her struggling to be friends and getting all dirty? There’s pianos and violins and rain, but her faith in their friendship was rewarded and the Great Frisbee In The Sky starts emitting sparklies in celebration of their innocent girlish friendship. It’s so saccharine that it’ll give you diabetes.

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Oh boy! First day of new school!

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  • Kitsu says:

    Girls holding each other hands, is all I need

  • Chipp12 says:

    More like Key adaptation that’s not Key adaptation.