Amagi – Brilliant Park #01 — Magical Amnesia Childhood Friend Kiss

October 6th, 2014


Oh boy.

This normally airs on Thursdays, but was preempted last Thursday by women’s volleyball.
And within the first three minutes of the bike sequel series thing, there was CGI biking and an antagonist went “Initiate plan #49,” causing everybody to gasp. Then I flipped forward and they were talking about each other’s bike auras. *casino clap* I’m out. 


I wonder what percentage of the music here was taken from elevators. Or perhaps technical support hold music. At least it doesn’t feel as obviously cloying as most of KyoAni’s stuff over the past few years. It also foregoes a lot of exposition, relying on just “Or I’ll shoot you” to drive the boring tour that ate up the entire episode. I got the point about 15 seconds in, and yes, you would have been perfectly fine to do a few more or maybe even a montage of some ‘silly’ situations. Even as of the halfway point, it was belaboring the point, and still had plenty more belaboring left in the tank.

And what’s with all the ultra-deadpan this season, Japan? I think the jokes here were probably a bit better than, say, Kokkuri-san, but you can only get so much mileage of “This is our X.” “It is bad!” and this exceeded that about forty times over. It’s not a natural conversation with the comedy naturally mixed in. It’s just a series of one liners. There’s a lot, granted, but they’re just tossed out. And again, mostly only jokes by the absolute broadest definition of humor. And yet I think the thing that made me groan the most was the magical kiss at the end that induced a flashback about being childhood friends with the magical girl. So that’s our game here, huh?

At the end of the day, it seems like Just Another Light Novel Adaptation. One male, bevy of females, walking in one naked, forgotten magical childhood friend… all your favorite cliches wrapped up with a bow. If they add just three more to their punch card, maybe they can trade it in for a few decent jokes.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    ah, another one of the “I’m going to TMI to this” shows.

  • elior1 says:

    @arduc how do you know the brown hair girl is his childhood friend?

  • FlameStrike says:

    Well, it’s pretty at least.

  • Sanjuro says:

    I liked it. I thought the last few KyoAni shows were duds. This one at least seems to have that KyoAni magic.

    Anyway, are you going to review that women’s volleyball?

  • algorithm says:

    Needs more dead frogs.