One Week Friends #01 — Could Learn From Memento

April 6th, 2014


Oh wait, a diary or keeping notes would obviate the entire premise of the show.


Not that I was looking forward to something with as overtly melodramatic a premise as this, but I was kind of hoping that they’d surprise me and find a way to have it either make a little more sense or just play around with what is clearly something cooked up in a marketing department for maximum tragic bittersweet emotion. They did neither of those things. The central conceit here that she forgets friends, and only friends, every Monday, and only Monday, is… well, I want to make a comparison to a gimmicky 80s detective show where the lead can only solve cases when he eats a pie so every murder takes place in a bakery. Especially since she’s also presented as a wonderful person who treats out bland protagonist nicely (as we hear multiple times) and is friends with him at the drop of a hat. So pretty much, the entire thing could be solved with a polaroid of him and whoever else she felt like, and a note to herself saying “Don’t be a bitch.”

But no, of course not, instead of acting to remedy the situation through the most common of sense, we must wallow in it. Everything in the show is geared toward maximum melodrama with an extra emphasis on the melo. Whatever scant bits of non-wistful whinging about being friends there may have been were drowned out by your standard emotional piano and bloom. There frequently weren’t even backgrounds, just more bloom. At least it veered toward the bittersweet instead of the angsty, but again, it’s just way too obviously machinated and just plain silly to be able to actually feel anything for it.  


Next Episode:

Volleyball and karaoke.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fate says:

    Soo much white space.

  • The Phantom says:

    It was a poor looking drama bomb, the guy was on verge of crying several times on EPISODE 1!.

    I was also rolling my eyes in disbelief of the contrived plot, I don’t see how they are going to stretch this lame plot for 12 episodes, but I wont be here to watch it anyway, this one is easily one of the worst show of the season.

  • Flip Porter says:

    The plot sounds familiar since I remember a manga (don’t remember the name sadly) that had a chick that forgot people everyday and had to keep a notebook she read daily to remind her of minor things. That was at least a comedy though and was also about mental issues which it turned out the male lead had as well.

  • JCA says:

    So it’s going to end with them being “more than friends” and finally being able to remember him?