Captain Earth #01 — Zero-G Breast Flopping

April 5th, 2014


That was… an unpleasant moment.


Taking a brief break from joining magic school and assorted manner of sexual violence (if only because the other two shows today had their broadcasts delayed half an hour) to have a visit to Angstville. Seriously, much of the first half is focused on the ennui the protagonist has for regular life, how good he is at video games and how it’s the envy of everybody around him, and how dead various members of his family are. Interspersed with flashbacks of him being a happy child, meeting a magical boy followed by a magical girl, and together, they play with boomerangs. Meanwhile, the antagonists come from the Disco World and dodge missiles by hopping around in neon lights with giant breasts flopping. The tone’s a little inconsistent, is the takeaway point here.

It’s just kind of boring all around though. The star of the show here is supposed to be the extravagantly dressed weirdos having space punchies with giant robots, right? And maybe the women orgasmically moaning, squealing, and flailing their tits around as they ‘pilot’ them. And yet the show only got as far as launching the robot. Most of what ‘happened’ was in the flashbacks and that can be summed up as “kid makes friends with magic/space kids.” Maybe if they had framed them differently or hadn’t begun with them as the recounting of someone who badly needs a slap across the chops, but alas.

I don’t see what the hook here was supposed to be that would keep people watching. There wasn’t any action at all, the plot only got as far as “angsty teen pilots robot,” all the present focus was on characters feeling sorry for themselves, and what I’m sure was meant to be an ‘intriguing’ flashback was almost entirely disconnected from events in the present.

Next Episode:

Maybe someone will hit something.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    It was OKish, definitely not what I would call good but it was entertaining, however the moment this switch to drama and angsty I will drop it, I can’t stand that kind of crap, and this show seems destined to swing that way.

  • Anon says:

    It got my Focus… If you just forget how he could amazingly Drive this Giant Robot…

    i will wait for Episode 2

    So, in short. 3 Earth Company are playing the Power game

    • Anon says:

      Perhaps someone with power is reading (i can dream, can i?)

      Why must the Future Mechas have always a Stone age gearing Instruments? You like Aircraft Pilots? Gundam is the Holy Bible of all Mecha Cockpits? Why you insist in levers and pedal in a Mecha Humanoid Cockpit. Why not take the next step like Matrix or some VR Cockpit? G Force restrictions? As if the Levers and Pedals dont need Stamia force, too

      In this time and age, where VR Helms is about to be born, you still stay in the Stone age for Future Mechas

      It is Time, to evolve the Human feedback Cockpits. The Gunbuster cockpit was a right step into this… All adapt to the Human Pilot, not the Pilot has to adept to the controls…

      Yeah, perhaps you guess how i am. And perhaps your are right

      • Anon says:

        If you hold a Pilots Spine in balance, he can freely move all his Limbs to his pleasure. The Spine is just important for the Main Body of the Mecha

      • Yue says:

        Better yet, build a mecha with a comfy cockpit then just plug a USB gamepad like XBOne or PS4 controller.

        Add a joystick if your mecha is a variable-type or has jet-mode. Also make sure there’s a keyboard and mouse, for the FPS geeks or those people that excel in console commands.

        In line with your comment however, I nominate Star Driver’s MC for piloting mecha with flair. SHINING!!

  • anon999 says:

    Well, I can say that the mecha designs don’t look like the ones from Star Driver.