Wake Up, Girls! #01 — Being Obnoxious in Public

January 10th, 2014


Where do they even get the music for this crap anyway?


I’m aware that there’s also a bloody fifty minute ‘movie’ that’s meant to be the prequel/lead-in to this, and all I can think is that a little bloody presumptuous. I’m pretty sure that I can get the gist. Never let it be said that I’m not an adventurous soul though, and maybe jumping into the middle of things might help. It didn’t. But maybe it could have. There was a recap over a bunch of shots of empty streets anyway, and the OP was apparently mostly clips from it. I’m pretty sure I got the full experience in only 1/40th the time. “Full experience” may be pushing it though, because if it was anything like this episode, there was no experience at all. They look at things. And wonder things. And look at some more things. And wonder some more. This is a show that makes the vast empty plains of the Alaskan tundra (or Sonico) seem busy and complex in comparison. 

There’s nothing here, period. No comedy, no drama, no colorful or interesting characters, nothing at all. Just soulless idol slop, unique maybe only because of a probably misguided attempt to be more ‘realistic’ by making everything same and bland. You’d think trying to pimp out the not-at-all-starletts is the one thing you’d think it would actually try, but I suspect they were afraid of having a main character that might overshadow the rest of the blob, so didn’t want to take even that ‘risk.’ But I guess they don’t have any kind of budget to animate anything but the 90 second dance number apparently, so why bother differentiating the characters? You couldn’t even immediately tell whose panties you were looking at in all the upskirt shots during the dance number. That’s how bloody afraid they were of doing anything that might make something in the show stand out.

It’s worse than bad, it’s nothing at all. This is a show that I find it impossible to believe anybody on the creation side of it gave a single crap. Not even a completely misguided one about breasts the size of beachballs being pawed at. Zero ambition, zero effort, zero everything. So I shall repay it in kind with zero caring and immediately forget it existed. 

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Freeter says:

    So this is basically Idolmaster with all the life sucked out of it?

    Sasuga Yamakan.

    • anon says:

      you mean realistic depiction of idol life ?

      • Andmeuths says:

        I seriously think this show is about take the piss on the entire Idol Anime genre, and attempting to deconstruct it – pretentiously, probably, by the looks of the direction this is going.

  • shark0weekk0 says:

    Actually this episode was practically a summary of the “movie”. And that dance was taken in full from it as well, so… Yamakanâ„¢.

    • Aroduc says:

      Well, that’s even worse than I thought.

      • Kukuru says:

        In case you were curious, episode two features is as close as you can get (on TV at least) to literally prostituting the girls.

        Yamakan is truly a classy man.