Nobunaga the Fool #01 — Magical Disco Powers Activate!

January 5th, 2014


If only the rest of the episode was as disco.


They’re throwing all their eggs into the high fantasy/science fiction basket here, and by that, I mean there’s a buttload of info dumps, distance shots of scenery, twanging guitars or swelling orchestras, and nothing can be done that can’t be stretched out two or three times over, preferably with a montage of random characters of zero import at this time, bonus points if they appear to be masturbating and about to orgasm as one was. Ye lords. It takes the entire episode just for the magical girlfriend to drop into his lap. This is how many shows of its ilk begin. The take-away point to this rambling paragraph is that the directing and writing is not great.

Horizon’s take on a magical superscience futurepast it’s definitely not, but at least Jeanne’s boobs jiggle, so they clearly have their priorities in emulation. It doesn’t share Horizon’s even loose definition of sense either, choosing to pound in strange things. Take the introductory segment for example of Nobunaga and Jeanne burning to their respective deaths. In the middle of it, Ranmaru is apparently possessed by Jeanne’s spirit and Jeanne sees Nobunaga reaching out for her which causes her to erupt into a gigantic spiral of flames which segues with the grace of a rhino on ice into her giving an info dump on the setting before she wakes up from her dream of history lessons. Which doesn’t stop Nobu from erupting in a veritable discotheque of sparkling lights and golden strobe when he touches his magical girlfriend either (who he hallucinates as his ambiguously gendered page anyway), although I think I’d rather see more of Magical Disco Nobunaga than Jeanne slack-jawed staring at men talking at her.

That’s about as exciting as the episode got though and speaking of Jeanne staring doe-eyed listening to people, including the voices in her head, that seems to be the main thing the show was putting forward as a reason to watch more. Listen to these soothing male voices! Soak in this setting we are telling you all about! Show you? Pfft! There’s also a few vignettes of Nobunaga fighting, to be charitable with the term, but if you’re watching this for any kind of action or even excitement, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. I wouldn’t even call it particularly well-made, especially for Satelight who has been pretty solid lately.  I guess there wasn’t much to actually animate that was part of the central plot of the episode since it mainly consisted of exposition, but that’s not setting my loins aflame in desire to see any more.

Next Episode:

Characters hurled at the screen like spaghetti at a fridge.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fate says:

    I was really bored for some reason. I am not even sure why.

  • algorithm says:

    “the directing and writing is not great”

    Is that even surprising coming from EVOL little brother? A show I expect you to blog from start to finish. Jiggling boobs and all.

  • Durga says:

    Ranmaru wasn’t possessed, Ranmaru is Jeanne. Reincarnations again. Oda Nobunaga and Ranmaru Mori were lovers, so of course this explains the relationship between Kaguya and Oda.

  • The Phantom says:

    This was a massive borefest, from the ridiculous hairdos, to the GENERIC female lead, to the romeo-julietsque contrived plot, everything was shitty.

    Next episode look even more painfully boring. Meh! at this.

    • Durga says:

      Romeo and Juliet is justified because historically Ranmaru and Oda committed suicide together.

  • CTT says:

    I’ll skip out, but I did appreciate the Nobunaga character