Stella C3 Club #01 — “Hey, Guys. I Found This Orchestra!”

July 4th, 2013


"Let’s shove it down everyone’s throats!"

All right. Seven shows today airing in a 120 minute span. Let’s do this.


It’s rarely a good start when you’re five minutes in and I still don’t have any idea what the show is trying to be. "Contains girls" is not a genre, yet that seemed to be all it was hoping to set during the first impressions when it should have been trying to hook the audience. One of them wrapped up in a curtain seemed to maybe indicate that it was supposed to be a comedy, a theory also backed up by the occasional use of a bicycle horn or other over the top stingers, but it was a little hard to tell since those were often used independant of any joke being made. The last five minutes or so of the episode when they did their little survival thing were also off in its own little world independant of the ‘wacky’ club or melodramatic insecure protagonist. At least they all shut up during it, but on the other hand, they decided that’d be a great time for some really loud jazz.

Speaking of which, moving to the more technical side, the music was obtrusively wacky the whole episode, often to the point of drowning out characters because someone laid a trumpet fanfare over them and what director can be assed to pay attention to the score he’s plopping down? The artistic direction’s pretty weak too. It’s not as annoyingly still-filled as many shows of its ilk often are, but it may as well be. The loud brunette’s VA also sticks out as badly as Omigawa usually does. Ye lords, is she horrible.

So no, I am not impressed. It’s trying to do far too much, yet is still unambition as hell about any of it. It doesn’t really do anything well, but is trying to be all of wacky comedy, teenage friendship melodrama, and military action without putting anything more than token effort into any of it and hoping "has girls" is going to carry the day. All it really managed with this episode was annoying me with both the music and that one terrible VA. 


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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • shadow says:

    WTF is it!!!!

  • Amarrez says:

    I loved the jazz, but that girl’s voice got on my nerves pretty badly.

  • The Phantom says:

    Yawn, another cute girl show *sighs*, gonna glance second episode just in case the action goes up but that is highly unlikely.

  • barross says:

    tell me i did not just watched i think is like a all female Moé version of the expendables with using air soft shoot weapons?!

  • Chipp12 says:

    Yeah, music direction is way off. Not so strange though, considering that director is newbie.