Grand Justice!! #01 — Boioioioing!

July 2nd, 2013


This show is… a little bearish.


Sigh. One of the very first images is wriggling fat man ass, calling into question who exactly this show is supposed to be for a scant 5 seconds into it. And as it went on, that question only became more muddled, especially when men with treetrunks for necks were staring down with smug grins on helpless smaller effeminate men. This is not the look of someone trying to menace a man. This is the look of someone with absolute knowledge that only one of them is waking up tomorrow morning with their sphincter intact. 

I admit that I pretty much checked out at about the four minute mark. Not because it was barely unanimated. Not because of the creepy rape grins coming from bearish men. Not even because of the fat man ass. Because it made me laugh and I just had to stop, knowing that I had already reached the height of the episode and anything more would just be diluting my experience. Ye lords. It’s like they’re taking cues from Sabado Gigante. Sure, I turned it back on and let it run to completion, but the moment had passed. The only thing that came close in my fevered non-attention was the 3 straight minutes of ridiculously animated shamisen playing amid blusters of cherry blossoms, testing just how long one scene could be tortuously stretched out.


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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    cho aniki alert! cho aniki alert!

  • algorithm says:

    This guy would make a better titan than whatever they are using in the show.

  • The Phantom says:

    Who greenlitted this piece of shit? Do the producers really don’t realize how shitty this show is?

  • shadow says:

    A anime for men!!!! no more lolis or anime only girls playing the heroes with boring episodes and enemies.

  • slicendice says:

    When a man is defined by the thickness of his eyebrows

  • haguruma says:

    I kinda love it how “being manly” in anime-watcher circles has transformed into “watching cute, pink, frilly shows with cute girls doing cute things”…

    ‘Cause this is how you prove you’re hetero!